What Is An Outside Shower Curtain?
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What Is An Outside Shower Curtain?

Apr 21, 2024

The distinction between a shower curtain and an enclosure, the array of materials suited for outdoor use, the emergence of convenient outdoor shower kits, and the provision of temporary privacy for al fresco bathrooms form the core of our exploration into outside shower curtains. 

This guide navigates the realm of outdoor bathing, addressing crucial queries like the practicality of using shower curtains outdoors.

The intended purpose of an outside shower curtain, and the ongoing debate regarding the position of the shower curtain inside or outside. 

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the utility and aesthetic appeal of outside shower curtains, empowering you to transform and optimize your outdoor space for a delightful bathing experience.

Can Shower Curtains Be Used Outside?

Shower curtains designed explicitly for outdoor use have become increasingly popular for creating private and functional outdoor shower spaces. 

These outdoor-specific curtains are typically crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials that can withstand exposure to sunlight, moisture, and various outdoor elements.

They serve as a practical solution to delineate a private bathing area in outdoor settings such as backyards, camping sites, beach houses, or poolside areas. 

The use of outdoor shower curtains allows for a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy an open-air bathing experience while maintaining privacy.

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What Is an Outside Shower Curtain For?

The primary purpose of an outside shower curtain is to provide privacy and enclosure in outdoor bathing spaces. 

These curtains are tailored to withstand outdoor conditions and are often made from materials like mildew-resistant fabric, vinyl, or specially treated polyester that can endure exposure to sunlight, water, and varying temperatures. 

Besides offering privacy, these curtains contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area, adding a touch of style and functionality to the space. 

They effectively define the shower area, preventing water from splashing and offering a sense of seclusion for a relaxing bathing experience in an outdoor setting.

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What is the Outside of a Shower Curtain Called?

The outer, more visually appealing side of a shower curtain, often the one with a decorative pattern or design, is commonly referred to as the “decorative side” or “public-facing side.” 

This side is intended to be visible from outside the shower area and contributes to the overall aesthetic and style of the bathroom or bathing space.

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Is the Shower Curtain Supposed to be Inside or Outside?

Traditionally, the recommended placement of a shower curtain involves positioning the decorative or patterned side of the curtain on the exterior, or outside of the shower area. 

This setup allows the visually appealing side of the curtain to face the bathroom or the surrounding area. 

The waterproof or coated side, designed to repel water and keep the surrounding space dry, is placed inside the shower area. 

This arrangement ensures that the decorative side is visible, enhancing the bathroom’s overall appearance while the functional, water-resistant side serves its purpose within the shower, preventing water from escaping and keeping the area dry.

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Difference Between Curtain and enclosure Shower

AspectShower CurtainShower Enclosure
MaterialTypically made of fabric, vinyl, or polyester.Constructed from glass, acrylic, or metal.
InstallationEasy to install and often requires a curtain rod.Requires more complex installation and may need professional assembly.
FlexibilityOffers more flexibility in terms of movement and adjustments.Limited flexibility due to fixed structure.
CostGenerally more cost-effective.Can be more expensive due to material and installation requirements.
AestheticsProvides various design options and decorative elements.Offers a modern, sleek appearance and can add value to the bathroom.
MaintenanceEasier to clean and replace.Requires specific cleaning and maintenance, especially for glass enclosures.
SpaceIdeal for smaller bathrooms due to its space-saving nature.More suitable for larger bathrooms as they may require more space.

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Materials for outdoor shower curtains

  1. Mildew-Resistant Fabric: Polyester and synthetic fabric blends are often treated to resist mildew and mold growth, making them suitable for outdoor use. These fabrics dry relatively quickly and are easy to maintain.
  2. Vinyl: Vinyl shower curtains are durable and water-resistant, ideal for outdoor conditions. They are easy to clean and often come in a variety of designs and patterns.
  3. Water-Repellent Polyester: Polyester curtains, especially those with a water-repellent coating, are popular for outdoor use. They dry quickly and are resistant to water, making them an excellent choice for outdoor showers.
  4. Nylon: Nylon is a robust material that resists water and dries rapidly. It’s suitable for outdoor use due to its durability and resistance to moisture.
  5. Canvas: Canvas shower curtains treated to be water-resistant can also be used for outdoor showers. They offer a more natural and rustic feel while providing functionality in outdoor settings.

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Outdoor shower kits

Outdoor shower kits are pre-packaged or pre-fabricated sets that include the necessary components and fixtures to create an outdoor shower setup. 

These kits are designed to streamline the process of installing an outdoor shower, offering convenience and often include various elements:

  • Shower Fixtures: Typically, an outdoor shower kit includes the essential shower fixtures such as a showerhead, handles, knobs, and valves specifically designed for outdoor use. These fixtures are often crafted from materials that can withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Piping and Plumbing Components: The kit usually contains the necessary piping and plumbing components to connect the outdoor shower to the water source. This might include pipes, connectors, and fittings designed for outdoor use.
  • Support Structures: Some kits may include the framework or support structures needed to install the shower, which can include posts, mounts, or stands to support the shower enclosure.
  • Accessories: Depending on the kit, additional accessories such as shelves, hooks, or foot rinses might be included to enhance the functionality of the outdoor shower.
  • Instructions or Guides: Outdoor shower kits often come with installation instructions or guides to assist users in setting up the shower system efficiently.

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Temporary privacy for outdoor bathrooms

Creating temporary privacy for outdoor bathrooms or shower areas can be achieved through various means, offering both functionality and a sense of seclusion. Several options for temporary privacy include:

  • Outdoor Privacy Screens: Portable and foldable privacy screens made from materials like wood, fabric, or bamboo can be positioned around the bathing area to offer a secluded space.
  • Shower Tents: Pop-up shower tents or changing rooms designed for outdoor use provide a quick and portable solution for privacy. These tents are lightweight, easy to set up, and specifically crafted for temporary outdoor use.
  • Curtains or Fabric Partitions: Hanging curtains or fabric partitions around the bathing area can offer a quick and customizable privacy solution. These can be affixed to a temporary frame or structure, or even suspended from existing fixtures.
  • Plants or Greenery: Strategically placing potted plants or erecting a temporary natural barrier with bushes or plants can create a visual screen for privacy while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space.
  • Temporary Walls or Dividers: Utilizing portable walls or dividers can offer a more robust and customizable solution, allowing for flexible placement and easy assembly for temporary privacy.

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The realm of outdoor shower solutions, whether through the use of outdoor shower curtains, kits, or temporary privacy measures, presents a versatile and innovative approach to enhancing outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor shower curtains, crafted from materials designed to withstand the elements, offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Shower kits provide an all-in-one solution, simplifying the process of setting up an outdoor shower. 

Temporary privacy options, such as screens, curtains, or natural barriers, offer flexibility for creating a secluded outdoor bathing area. 

The blend of functionality and style allows individuals to personalize their outdoor spaces, creating relaxing and private environments for an enjoyable bathing experience amidst nature.


Can I use a regular indoor shower curtain for an outdoor shower? 

While some indoor shower curtains might withstand outdoor use for a limited time, it’s best to opt for outdoor-specific curtains designed to endure outdoor conditions.

How do I maintain and clean outdoor shower curtains? 

Regular maintenance involves rinsing with water and mild cleaning agents to remove dirt. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific cleaning instructions.

Are outdoor shower kits easy to install? 

Outdoor shower kits typically come with detailed instructions for assembly, making the installation process relatively straightforward for those with basic DIY skills.

What’s the best way to create temporary privacy for an outdoor shower? 

Utilizing portable screens, curtains, tents, or natural barriers, depending on your preferences and the level of privacy required, can offer temporary seclusion.

Which materials are best for outdoor shower curtains? 

Vinyl, water-resistant polyester, mildew-resistant fabrics, nylon, and treated canvas are ideal choices, as they can endure outdoor elements while retaining functionality and appearance.

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