How To Design A Dedicated Smoking Area In Your Home


Do you love smoking but don’t want to risk the lives of your loved ones by smoking around them? There is always a solution to every problem. You can set up a room in your home dedicated specifically for smoking purposes. There you can enjoy different smoking apparatus in a specially designed atmosphere that adds more to your smoking experience.

You might have heard for the first time about adding a smoking room in the house. It would be difficult for you to decide what to add and what to avoid while creating. Don’t worry! We are here to guide you to design a killer set-up for you. Take a look at below mentioned tips and tricks to set up a perfect space for your smoking activity.

Choose Right Location

The first thing to do is to choose the right location for your smoking space. Cigarette or cigar smoke can spread to every corner of your house despite the doors and windows closed. So you have to choose a remote area for smoking so that you can enjoy it fully without the risk of harming other family members. It can be a separate room, a shed, or a cabin depending upon your budget and house capacity.

Install A Ventilation System

To eradicate harmful cigarette smoke there must be a proper ventilation system in the room. According to your budget, you can simply install an exhaust fan or a highly extensive air ventilation system containing specialized air filters. 

You can install the ventilation equipment near the place where you love to smoke. It can be fitted on the room walls, floor, or near the window. In the case of air filters, you should clean and replace the filters regularly to prevent clogging. 

Room Furniture

Room Furniture

Furniture in your smoking room is all your preference. You can make the look dark and gloomy by adding the dark coloured furniture and paint the walls in the same contrast. Or light coloured themes can also be used to create a fresh look and feel. 

Don’t forget about sitting accessories in the furniture. Add comfortable and good looking couches, sofas, or floor cushions. That will not only make your smoking experience more compelling but also add to the overall looks of the room.

Smoking Accessories

The main thing for which you are making all these arrangements is smoking which requires smoking accessories. The first and most important essential is an ashtray. Depending upon your way whether you love to smoke while sitting or standing, you can install ashtrays accordingly. Ashtrays are available in glass or silicone material. It is recommended to use silicone made as these are equally safe for cigars and smoking pipes.

Everybody knows smoking is injurious to health. But for a smoker, it is not easy to eradicate this habit even if they are not allowed to smoke in their working area or with family. Adding a smoking space that is committed only for this purpose. The above-mentioned tips may prove helpful to you in this regard and getting the most out of your money and effort. 


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