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How Much Does It Cost To Demolish A House?

We are living in an era of industrialization, where everything is changing at an advanced rate. Thanks to technology, by which we are now able to demolish a building and then rebuilt it. This innovation helps those people who are not happy with their home, which they bought as a pre-built home or either they have found some issue in their home. Such people can now demolish their home and then rebuilt it according to their requirements. 

Now, most of people ask how much does it cost to demolish a house? Here in this article, we are providing you with the best explanation of this common question which arises in the majority of people’s minds.

The average cost of demolishing a house is 18,000$ for those homes which are located in a city. This price can vary with several factors ranging from 5000$ to 24,000$. The average price to demolish a per square feet house is 2$ to 15$. For a complete demolishing of a 1500 square feet house, the average price is 5000$ in a rural area, while for a house located in a city has the average price of 18,000$.

Factors that effect the cost of demolished home:

There are various factors on which the price of a demolished home depends. These factors are:

  • Greater the size of the area of the house which you want to be demolished, the greater will be the price of the house.
  • If your house is much older and if it has some toxic elements like asbestos, then there will be a more cost for properly removing such toxics.
  • The expensive the structural elements, the more is the price you have to give for it because structural elements also vary in ranges.
  • The amount of debris in your home is also the key factor of the price of demolishing. The more the debris, the more will be the cost.

Types of demolition:

Demolition of the home has two major types. Each type of demolition has its own cost. These demolition types are:

  • Total demolition
  • Partial demolition

Total demolition of house:

Total demolition of the house includes the complete destruction of the house. Because a total demolition of the house is a very difficult task, hence various heavy machines are required for the destruction of a house.

Partial demolition of home:

Partial demolition of the home includes the destruction of some parts of the interior or exterior building of home. This type of demolition is mostly used for renovation purposes because several other types of demolition, like interior or exterior demolition, covers in this category of demolition.


How much does it cost to demolish a house is a common question asked by those people who want to give their home a new look or by those people who want to fix several issues of their home. The average cost to rebuild a house per square foot is $2 to $15. But this value depends on various factor like removal of debris, asbestos as well as the structural elements which you want to place in your house.

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